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Billing, upgrades, cancellations, and other account-related things

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  • How to cancel your account Sometimes things don't work out and you need to cancel your account. We get it. No worries. Before you leave, though, I'd like to make you
  • How do I update my credit card on file? Credit card security is pretty important, so we've made it super easy for you to manage your own credit card information without having to
  • Can I use multiple coupon codes? No
  • Can I pay yearly for a discount? Yes. We offer the equivalent of one month free when you pay yearly. So, for example, if you chose the Standard plan, you'd pay $99/month or
  • How do I change my account name? Changing your account name is as simple as submitting a request on our chat tool on this page. Just let us know your account URL and what y
  • How to add a logo to your TrainedUp site Branding is important, so we've made it simple for you to add your logo to your account. You'll need to be on the Standard plan or higher t
  • How do I get past receipts? When you need a receipt of a past bill, please reach out via our support chat in the bottom right corner of this page. When you leave a mes
  • What pricing option is right for my needs? Getting started with online training can be daunting. The first step, after deciding to give online training a try, is choosing your plan.
  • Learner limits Each TrainedUp pricing tier has a different limit on the number of Learners and Leaders you can have. The reason for this is to match our p
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