Why is my number of people limited?

Each TrainedUp pricing tier has a different list of features available, including a 100 person limit on our basic plan. The reason for this is so we can match our pricing with the cost of servicing each account. Essentially, this is how we make TrainedUp affordable for ministries of all sizes.

However, sometimes your budget doesn't match the number of people you need to train. For example, you may be a fast-growing church plant, but still working on a shoestring budget. We get that!

If you find yourself needing to train more people, but are not wanting to upgrade your account to get access to one of our unlimited user levels, then you can find out how to remove existing team members by clicking here.

Don't worry though, the people you remove aren't entirely deleted. Instead, their accounts are "archived" in our system so it doesn't count against your user limit.

That also means you can reactivate a user that you've removed and all of their past learning progress and answers will be saved.

If you do find yourself needing to upgrade your account, click here to find out how.

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