What pricing option is right for my needs?

Getting started with online training can be daunting. The first step, after deciding to give online training a try, is choosing your plan.

Instead of diving into all the variables, I'll keep it very simple. There are two main things to consider: the size of your trainee core and the features you expect to need.

Number of Learners

Assume that 90-95% of your people will be logging in and learning on your TrainedUp account. If you have 50 people, our lowest plan can handle that for you. If you have more than 100 people, you'll most likely need to start on our Standard plan.

The Features You Need

We took the time to build out some advanced features that larger churches or churches that are more concerned with branding and user-management will need. Most of those advanced features are stuffed into the Standard plan to make them as accessible as possible.

Multi-site or Multiple Congregations

Training in churches that have multiple locations or congregations is way different than single location training. You have the same basic challenges around tracking and reporting training progress, but you ALSO have the challenge of unified training for multiple, identical teams.

Our top plan comes with specific multi-site features that make it much easier to manage training across multiple locations. For example, a children's ministry at a multi-site church will likely want to administer the same training across all locations. Our top plan makes that MUCH easier.

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