How does my team login in to TrainedUp?

We have made it easy for your users to access training by using a feature called "Smart Links".

Smart links work like this:

Whether you assign training directly to a user in the system or you email them a link to self-enroll in a course that is available, they'll receive an email with a smart link that, when clicked, will automatically sign them into their TrainedUp account. No passwords. No login forms. Just a single click from an email. This link remembers each user's computer and keeps them signed in for up to one year. If they access TrainedUp from a new device or sign out of their account, they'll simply need to request a new smart link to login by going to or from your ministry's unique training URL.

Note: If a user does not see the link sent to them after a few minutes of being sent, have them check their junk folder. Sometimes the email lands in there based on individual email preferences. Also, confirm that the email they request a link for, is the same email that is tied to their account in TrainedUp.

Why don't we have passwords? 

Because our goal is to make training easy for everyone! Because of that, we made TrainedUp to be fully password-free. This means that engaging with training is now easier than ever! This is easier for you as well, as you no longer have to spend time resetting team member's user names or passwords. They just click a link and they're in! You can even request a login link for them, by going to and putting in their email. It's easy, quick and super secure!

What if you or a team member gets logged out or needs to sign in from a different device?

A new link can always be sent by going to and putting in the email that the account is under. You can also request a link by going to your ministry's custom training URL and pressing the "Sign In" button, under the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen. Just click the link that is sent and your in!

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