Do I have to email myself a link every time I want to log in?

The short answer is, no, you should not have to send the link every time you log on.

Trained up is password-free! 

Because of our goal to make training easy for everyone, we’ve updated TrainedUp to be fully password-free. This means that getting your people to engage in training is now easier than ever. Instead of passwords, TrainedUp now uses smart links to automatically log in users without needing a password. This is easier for your team and means that there is one less account login that they have to manage. It’s also more secure.

Here's how the smart links work:

Whether you add someone to your team or they self-enroll in a course, they’ll receive an email with a smart link that, when clicked, will automatically sign them into their TrainedUp account. No passwords. No login forms. Just a single click from an email. This link remembers your computer and keeps you and your learners signed in for up to one year. If they access TrainedUp from a new device or are signed out by clicking Log Out on their screen, they’ll simply request a new smart link to login again.

Note: If you do not see the link after a few minutes of being sent, be sure and check your junk folder. Sometimes the email lands in there based on individual email preferences. 




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